Ashifa Food is a brand of fruit Jam suppliers in Lahore.

We are famous for our fruit jams, and all-fruit jam suppliers in Pakistan need to take note of this! Our fruit jams come in orange, mango flavors, and we have an extensive range of fruits that go into making these delicious fruit jams. If you’re looking for quality fruit jam manufacturers, then look no further than Ashifa Food!


Why Choose Ashifa Fruit Jam in Lahore?

The fruit is a natural source of antioxidants, phytochemicals, and vitamins.

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Ashifa Food: Your One-Stop Fruit Jam Suppliers in Lahore Ashifa Food is a brand manufacturer of fruit jams with products like apple, citrus, and mango jams. The company has been around since the 1990s, when it was first established as a jam manufacturer producer. It then became known for its quality fruit jams made from all-natural ingredients without added sugar or corn syrup. These properties make their product one that can help people who are looking to lose weight or manage diabetes symptoms.” Apple jam distributor in Lahore

We are a fruit jam manufacturer in Lahore that has been around for a long time and has always made fruit jams with the finest, freshest ingredients.

Having had such an extensive range of fruit to use, we can make sure our fruit jams retain their fresh tastes. So when you so want orange fruit jam or mango fruit jam dealers in Lahore.

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Mango fruit Jam manufacturers orange, mango flavors. When you want to buy a quality fruit jam, then look no further than Ashifa Food! We use only the freshest ingredients in our fruit jams, so they still retain their fresh taste and flavor

Benefits of Orange fruit Jam

Orange fruit Jam is a fruit jam that can be traced to fruit presses found in India as early as the 12th century. Fruit juice has been used for centuries due to its preservative properties and versatility in terms of flavorings. It is often made from orange peels, sugar, water, citric acid, or lemon extract rather than other fruits because it creates a softer consistency which makes it easier to spread on bread without breaking down the loaf’s texture. Ashifa Food is the best distributor of jam in Lahore.

Orange Fruit Jam contains no pectin as Mango fruit Jam does, so this particular type of fruit jam can better maintain the soft consistency while adding more sugar or water will not alter taste much either.

Mango fruit Jam Price in Lahore.


Mangoes are in the top ten list of most popular fruits. They come with various nutrients, like vitamin A and C, calcium, potassium, and iron. Mangoes are also fat-free and ought to be considered by people who want to keep their weight down.

Mango fruit Jam in Lahore is a fruit jam that often has a softer consistency. A mango fruit jam differs from other fruit jams because it does not contain pectin, which helps create the thicker texture of some fruit jams. This creates more flexibility in using this type of fruit jam, as its consistency can be altered with less sugar or added water than typically required for other types of fruit jams. In addition, the versatility means that those who cannot eat regular fruits may still enjoy this flavor and consistency when they can consume higher amounts of food items. We are among the finest Fruit Jam suppliers in Lahore and Pakistan; we are a quality dealer to deals in mixed fruit jam.


Mango fruit jam is a low-calorie fruit that has only 30 calories.

It contains fiber and Vitamin C, which help promote healthy digestion and immune system function.

The fruit can also help with constipation problems because of its dietary fiber content.

The fruit is rich in potassium which increases blood pressure.

The absence of pectin within Mango Fruit Jam’s ingredients makes it easier to change its consistency by adding either more sugar or water without altering taste; individuals with

Apple Jam in Lahore.

Apple Jam is a jam made from apples. Apple fruit jam has many benefits, including healthy ingredients and an all-natural taste.

Here are a few reasons why you should try it for yourself?

The main ingredients of fruit jams, such as sugar and corn syrup, are a risk factor for obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and dental caries. Fruit jams in Pakistan such as apples do not contain these sugars, making this an alternative food that can help weight loss or manage diabetes symptoms. *One jar of the product only contains thirty-five grams of sugar per serving size; this may seem like a lot, but it becomes much less substantial when spread out across breakfast supplies or in slices on whole-grain toast.

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Lahore is a densely populated city with many industries and factories. This has led to high levels of pollution in the air. Pollution causes respiratory diseases that can be life-threatening conditions for some people. One company working hard to reduce this risk is Ashifa Food – Your One-Stop Fruit Jam Manufacturer in Lahore. As an expert manufacturer of fruit jams such as orange fruit jam or mango fruit jam, we produce fruits from all over Pakistan by using traditional methods and preserving them through our unique techniques so that you get the best quality product every time. In addition, each jar comes with detailed instructions on safe storage, which gives you peace of mind when buying it!

Ashifa Food’s focus on fruit jams is due to the high levels of pollution in Lahore. Smog can cause respiratory diseases, which are life-threatening for some people. Ashifa Food works hard to reduce this risk by manufacturing fruit throughout Pakistan using traditional methods with no harsh chemical preservatives. The fruit jam comes with detailed instructions on safe storage, so you have peace of mind when buying it!

You will find a wide variety of fruit jams from orange fruit jam or mango fruit jam here. We manufacture these fruits from all over Pakistan by following traditional methods that only use natural ingredients without any chemicals added to avoid spoiling the original taste and your health while ensuring quality preservation. To make things even easier, we provide step-by-step instruction in all our jam Products. Here we can see what Wikipedia says about fruit jam.

Fruit Jam suppliers in Pakistan.

Ashifa Food is a brand manufacturer of fruit Jams in Lahore.

With flavors like orange fruit jam, mango fruit jam, apple fruit jam, and strawberry fruit cake, we can cater to any taste buds and provide custom-made products per the client’s requirements.

We have experts on our team who understand what it takes to make an outstanding product that will not only meet but exceed expectations from even the most demanding customers looking for something unique with high-quality standards. This ensures that every customer has an enjoyable experience when purchasing or using our products – always!

wholesale Fruit jam Suppliers in Lahore.

Ashifa Food is a brand manufacturer of fruit Jam in Lahore – Are you Looking for wholesalers? Then contact us at the earliest possible time! We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

We can supply various flavors like Orange Fruit Jelly (Orange), Strawberry Fruit Jelly (Strawberry), Pineapple & Guava Fruit Jelly (Pineapple/Guava). The ingredients used are all-natural without any preservatives and other additives. Our products contain only pure fruit pulp with no artificial colors to retain their original bright color for more extended periods.