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Aashifa Tomato Ketchup Sachet 50g

  • Made with real tomatoes
  • Perfect for sandwiches, wraps, burgers, fries, eggs, and more!
  • Convenient and portable
  • Gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly

Apple Murabba 1kg

  • Made with fresh, hand picked Apples.
  • Ashifa Apple Murabba is rich in essential Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Booster of natural Immunity¬† and Digestive aid.

Ashifa Amla Murabba 1kg

  • Boost immunity & digestion
  • Rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants
  • Deliciousness & Natural goodness
  • 100% organic amla

Ashifa Amla Murabba 5 kg Bucket


Key Features: Ashifa Amla Murabba 5 kg Bucket

  • Natural Ingredients
  • High-Quality Amla
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • Traditional Recipe
  • Versatile Usage

Ashifa Apple (Saib) Preserve (Murabba) 5Kg

  • Hand-picked Apples
  • Healthy and Delicious
  • Immunity Booster
  • Digestive Aid

Ashifa Apple Murabba 500g

  • Made with fresh apples and sugar
  • 100 % Premium Quality
  • Natural Goodness
  • Nutrient-Rich

Ashifa Chilli Garlic Sauce 200 gm

What makes Ashifa Chilli Garlic Sauce special: Real chillies and garlic: Experience the authentic taste of fresh ingredients in every jar.

Ashifa Chilli Garlic Sauce 400 gm

  1. Made with real chilies and garlic
  2. No artificial flavors or preservatives
  3. Versatile flavor enhancer

Ashifa Chilli Sauce 4 Liter

  • Made from high-quality ingredients
  • Free from artificial preservatives
  • This 4-liter Chilli Sauce is perfect for households, restaurants, catering events, or any occasion

Ashifa Chilli Sauce 800 ml

Ashifa Chilli Sauce 800 ml confirms it delivers serious heat and flavour. Get the scoop on using it in curries, marinades and more. Our review covers its spicy-tangy taste, ingredients, and creative ways to use this chilli sauce at home.