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Ashifa Honey 150gm Pure and Organic Honey in Lahore Pakistan

We know about the reality and rarity of Raw and Pure honey. Honey is a sweet, syrupy, golden-colored liquid made by honeybees. Raw honey comes directly from the hive while regular and pure honey undergoes processing before being bottled. This pasteurized honey is clear and smooth. The pasteurization process improves the honey’s appearance, increases its shelf-life, and kills yeast cells that can affect the taste of the honey.

Pure 1KG Organic Honey By Ashifa Foods | Shahad

Pure 1KG Organic Honey By Ashifa Foods Shahad Benefits: 1. Have different Digestive Benefits 2. A good source of minerals 3. Give actions such as Heart and Health tonic 4. Reduce constipation 5. Helpful in mental stress and depression 6. Rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants 7. Boosts immunity and protects against infections and illnesses 8. Soothes sore throats and promotes digestive health 9. Helps with wound healing and supports heart health 10. Provides a natural and sustainable source of energy.