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Ashifa Honey is Pure Honey in Pakistan

Are you looking for the best honey in Pakistan? You are at the right place. Ashifa Food believes in purity so we produce pure and organic honey in Pakistan. From the vast and greenish bee farms of KPK & Punjab, our bees collect pure nectar for you and your family to produce organic honey in Pakistan that competes imported honey in Pakistan. Our honey collection and reproducing process make us one the best honey manufacturing companies of Pakistan and honey companies in Pakistan. We had started packing pure honey in Lahore in 90s and now Ashifa Honey is being supplied to all major cities of Pakistan, KSA, UAE and some other countries of the world carrying the flag of pure honey from Pakistan.
Ashifa Honey is available in different packing to suit your family needs. We offer best 1kg honey price in Pakistan. Ashifa Honey is available in plastic and glass jars with 200 gm honey, 500 grm and 1kg packing. Ashifa Food has been selling only quality honey and organic honey in Pakistan and across the world since 2001. Since then, we have been best organic honey in Pakistan that is delicious and affordable. Ashifa Honey comes in beautiful tin packing to preserve its freshness for as long as possible, it is vacuum packed and then shipped or stored in airtight containers so you can use fresh and pure honey in Lahore with comfort. We also offer best honey wholesale price in Pakistan for the bulk buyers from all over the world.

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Ashifa Mixed Pickles | achaar price in Lahore
Ashifa Pickles

Mouth Watering Traditional Taste

Ashifa Food is one of the premier food processing industries in Pakistan best known for its great and mouth-watering packed food products. Overseas Pakistanis from all over the world and people of Pakistan simply love Ashifa Pickles being one of the best Achar brands of Lahore with delicious and sumptuous food ingredients. Ashifa Pickles range is getting roots in Ashifa’s loyal family to the extent that it has become a part of their daily life. That has made us best pickle in Pakistan.

Ashifa Pickles are not only good for your digestion but also very nutritious due to fresh vegetable, fruits, and other organic ingredients. So, just look at our achaar company in Lahore products and find us as the best achar in Lahore and best achaar in Pakistan. Ashifa’s Food technologists select the best ingredients, fresh vegetables, fruits, and organic oils to produce Ashifa Pickles in Pakistan. We use authentic, organic, and Hygienic Ingredients in achaar production process. That is how we have enlisted our brand in one the most prestigious food manufacturing companies in Pakistan list. Therefore, you can try any of our pickles range with full confidence by either ordering online mix achar or call us to make sure you get the best quality Achar for your family.

 Ashifa Pickles are offering wonderful range of tastes with best achar price in Pakistan. Our pickles are available on all major grocery and departmental stores with major online stores as well. Ashifa pickles are very rich in taste and good in quality for long lasting usage. Their taste gets stronger with the passing time. Therefore, always keep in mind to buy best achar while visiting an online store. There is full range of pickles available at our online store so, you can easily find the right one according to your taste.

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We are top rated Food Manufacturing Company in Pakistan to produce

Energetic Range of Murabba

Ashifa is one of the best Foods manufacturing Company in Pakistan for its food products. You may find the latest list of Food processing companies in Pakistan. Alhamdulillah, we are one of the pioneer  food companies of Pakistan to deliver quality food products of Murabba range to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Peshawar, , Islamabad, Quetta, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi City, Islamabad South, Azad Kashmir and many more areas of Pakistan. The demand of Ashifa Murabba from other cities has increased tremendously and now the country is not far behind from the others to Trust Ashifa Murabba, hence it has become all the more attractive for consumers. Ashifa manufacture different types of food like Jam, Pickles, Murabajat,Honey, Husk, Soya Sauce, Vermicelli, Tomato Ketchup, Bahi, Squash and much more  that’s why we are diversified and involved in different sectors of the food industry. We have successfully established our distribution network in different areas of Pakistan. We are producing finest murabba in Pakistan to cater your health demands.

Ashifa offers full range of Murabba in Pakistan.

  • Apple Preserve/ Murabba
  • Carrot Preserve/ Murabba
  • Harar Preserve/ Murabba
  • Amla Preserve/ Murabba
  • Bahi Preserve/ Murabba
  • Ashrafi Preserve/ Murabba
  • Karonda Preserve/ Murabba
  • Gulqand Preserve/ Murabba
Murabba Bhai | Murabba saib | murabba gajar | Murabba Ashrafi

It is really rewarding to work in Ashifa food manufacturing company to servce the people of Pakistan with our healthier Murabba products. Our food company offers the best beri honey price in Pakistan, hareer ka murabba price in Pakistan, Bahi murabba price in Pakistan, apple murabba price in Pakistan, harar murabba price in Pakistan, fresh amla price in Pakistan and saib ka murabba price in Pakistan. Our business has become really successful and significant due to the intense promotion and growth in the demand of Ashifa Vermicelli, Tomato Ketchup, Squash, Soya Sauce, Murabba, Husk, Pickles, Honey in Pakistan. We have been doing an extensive expansion in the capacity of our labor available for the food manufacturing in Pakistan. Our team of food technologists is very much concerned about neatness and freshness of all our food products.

Ashifa’s fiber supplement would help in constipation and lower cholesterol

Take Ashifa Husk daily to be Smarter Yearly

Ashifa Husk is Pakistan’s premium ispaghol chilka brand in Pakistan. Various researches tell that fiber like psyllium husk in Lahore must be taken as part of a daily diet to live a smarter life for years and years. Using Husk makes heart more stronger lowering blood pressure, improving lipid levels. It also strengthens heart muscles. Ashifa Husk is pure white product extracted and packed for easy usage of our customers. Currently, Ashifa Ispaghol chilka is available in sachet packs. Ashifa Husk soon will be available in husk jar as a family pack. We offer best quality ispaghol chilka in white color with best husk price in Pakistan. Using Ashifa Husk on daily basis is not harmful at all. Many doctors, physicians, and hakeems recommend Ashifa Husk for a healthier life. Ashifa Husk has a number of health benefits like normalizing bowel function and preventing constipation problems. Husk is imported from India, Iran and Pakistan. We offer ispaghol chilka price in Pakistan to facilitate our valued cutomers. Ashifa Husk is available in sachet pack just in 10 rupees from any grocery, medical or online store.  

Ashifa Ispaghol Husk controls following diseases, efficiently:

  • Constipation, Diarrhea & Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Metabolic syndrome
Husk in Lahore | Ispaghol chilka | ispaghol sachet price in pakistan |

Ashifa Foods has its own supply chain to stock and distribute best quality Husk to whole Pakistan with best Ispaghol sachet price in Pakistan. Ashifa Husk or known in urdu as ispaghol chilka uses carry several enormous health benefits. Husk is the name of ispaghol chilka in English. We highly recommend  to consult your physician or any qualified hakeem if you intend to use Husk on daily basis to avoid ispaghol chilka side effects.

The Foods of Life

Ghiza Bhee Shifa Bhee

For centuries, its being used to help alleviate symptoms of the common cold, and now research confirms this approach for children ages one and older. White, honey is an effective and natural alternative to over-the-counter cough medicine. Ashifa is one the best honey brands in Pakistan being authentic and natural source of carbohydrates.

honey bee produced

Why Ashifa Honey:

  • Regulates Metabolic Processes
  • Best Honey Companies in Pakistan
  • Increases Immunity
  • Ashifa Honey improves blood composition
  • Helps to Cope with Insomnia
  • Gives energy to the body, restores strength
  • No Preservatives
  • Available at all leading online honey store
  • 100% Pure
Honey in Pakistan | Pickles | Murabba | Husk | AshifaFoods

Our Top Seller Products are as follows:

1)Ashifa Pickles are Real Appetizers.


2) Ashifa Jams are Nutritious Toppings.


3) Ashifa Honey is Too Good For Life.


4) Ashifa Murabbajaat is a favorite among Pakistanis.





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